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Posted by Paul on Monday, December 1, 2008 at 8:43pm.

Shedz processes two varieties of kiwifruit – green and gold. Constraints on daily packing are
as follows:
• At most, 2 000 trays can be packed in total.
• At most, 1 200 trays of green can be packed.
• A minimum of 200 trays of gold need to be packed.
• The ratio of the number of packed trays of green to gold must be no more than 5:2.
The ratio of the profit per tray of the green variety to the gold is 12:13.

Three types of tray are available; “all cardboard”, “cardboard / wood” and “all wood”, and Shedz
wishes to determine how many of each type to purchase.
The cost per tray is $1 for “all cardboard”, $2 for “cardboard / wood” and $4 for “all wood”. Shedz
budgets $5 000 per day for purchasing trays. Shedz requires 2 000 trays per day, with between 10%
and 30% of them being of the “all cardboard” type and as many as possible (subject to the above
criteria) being of the “cardboard / wood” type.
Using these criteria, determine Shedz’s daily requirement for each type of tray.

HELP!!! i'm stuck

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