December 18, 2014

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Posted by Twila on Monday, December 1, 2008 at 7:15pm.

Ok, so this question isn't exactly for school, but i needed help for it, and thought you guys might be able to help me out.

Ok, so i am rewriting/rewording lyrics to the song 'Come back to Texas' by Bowling for Soup. (Search the song on Youtube if it will help.) Im rewriting the lyrics to make them a 'Come back to Kansas' song for my friend who has just recently moved away. I thought this would be a cool going away type present for her, but im stuck on the rhyming of one part.

It will be the first paragraph of the lyrics. Heres the real, origional version --

She said she needed a break
A little time to think
But then she went to Cleveland
With some guy named Leelan
That she met at the bank

Ive changed it to --

She said she needed a break
A little time to think
But then she went to Mason
Met a guy named Jason
Who ______________.

I cannot think of a good last line for this paragraph! I believe the last word is suposed to rhyme with break or bank...i dont know... any help or sugestions greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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