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What is a factional distillation and how would you figure out how many fractional distillation would C4H8CL2 isomers have.

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    You can read about fractional distillation here.

    In simple language, each component of a mixture that has a different boiling point will distill and be separated into its fractions, hence the name.
    To determine the number of fractions you will get from your compound, you will first need to determine the number of possible isomers, look up the boiling point of each, and IF THE BOILING POINTS ARE SUFFICIENTLY DIFFERENT, then you could separate each of them.

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    Just a few tips when working out isomers for a molecular formula such as this.
    1. If the molecular formula corresponds to Cn(Monovalent)2n+2 there are no double bonds/rings to be taken into account. Here it is C4(Monovalent)10 which corresponds to the formula so there are no double donds or rings. [There is a formula which calculates the number of double bond equivalents, but I do not need to complicate things]
    2. Decide on the hydrocarbon structures that are possible. There are only 2 here.
    3. Using the hydrocarbon structures replace the H atoms, in this case with Cl atoms. There are a number of isomers, about 9 but I have only doodled on a envelope, plus some optical isomers.

    In your answer I would note the optical isomers but the optical isomers can't be separated by fractional distillation.

    Good luck, it is an interesting question.

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