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A 190 kg object and a 490 kg object are separated by 0.400 m. At what position (other than an infinitely remote one) can the 35.0 kg object be placed so as to experience a net force of zero?
------------ m from the 490 kg mass

I do not understand how to attack this problem. pls help.

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    call our mass m, the 35 does not matter, could be any amount.
    we are x meters from the 190 kg
    we are (0.4 - x) meters from the 490 kg
    we have to be on the line between them so we are not pulled sideways
    Fleft = G(190)m /x^2
    Fright = G(490)m/(.4-x)^2
    so for equal and opposite
    190/x^2 = 490/(.4-x)^2
    solve the resulting quadratic for x

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    when i try and solve this i get 300x^2+152x-30.4

    how would i solve after this?

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