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Details: A senior federal agent is assigned as the division training officer responsible for providing/coordinating in-service training for the agents in the division along with the local police officers assigned to work on a federal task force. You are assisting in preparing the curriculum for an upcoming two-week school for approximately 30 officers. One of the most important sections of the course will center on the various types of searches authorized by federal law and what is necessary to legally support those searches. You have been directed to include the following elements:

A discussion on the process by which a search warrant is sought and issued, emphasizing the Fourth Amendment requirements.
Define probable cause and the standard by which probable cause is met.
Describe and discuss at least two types of searches that do not require a warrant.
Consider addressing the following questions:
What is the rationale for allowing warrantless searches?
Are those reasons persuasive?
Do all such searches require that probable cause exist or are there exceptions?

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