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The Ratio of the hieght of plant X to plant Y is 5:3. If plant Y were 140 c.m. taller instead, the ratio of the hieght of plant X to plant Y would be 1:2. How tall is plant X

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    Translate these info into equations:


    Now you can use substitution method to solve for x easily.

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    alternate solution:
    let the height of pant X be 5x
    let the height of plant Y be 3x
    5x/(3x+140) = 1/2
    10x = 3x+140
    x= 20
    then X = 5x = 100
    Y = 3x = 60

    check : if 140 is added to 60, Y = 200
    then X:Y = 1:2

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