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Posted by economyst on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 at 8:46am in response to Economics.
Do a little research, then take a shot. What do you think?

My thinking is 40% CR, and smaller frims would thrive, due to less overhead.
What is you take ?

What is the computing? in terms of math

Industry structure is often measured by computing the Four-Firm Concentration Ratio. Suppose you have an industry with 20 firms and the CR is 20%. How would you describe this industry? Suppose the demand for the product rises and pushes up the price for the good. What long-run adjustments would you expect following this change in demand? What does your adjustment process imply about the CR for the industry? Now consider that the industry has 20 firms but the CR for the industry is 80% instead of 20%. How would you describe this industry? What are some reasons why this industry has a high CR while the other industry had a low CR? Is it possible for smaller firms to thrive and profit in such an industry? How?

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