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Homework Help: Marketing Plan

Posted by Bubbles on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 9:39am.

I need some help in understanding what I need to do here.

Assignment: Marketing Plan Exercise
Resource: p. 136 of Marketing: Real People, Real Choices.
Review the Marketing Plan Exercise found on p. 136 of the textbook.
Answer questions 1 5 of the Marketing Plan Exercise.
Include 2 to 3 outside references to support your answers with research.

Select a company that produces a product that you use and
with which you are familiar. For the company to make decisions
about developing new products and attracting new
customers, it must rely on marketing research. These decisions
feed into the companys marketing plan. For the firm
you selected:

1.Define one specific problem it could address through
marketing research.
2. What type of research design do you recommend for
addressing that problem, and why?
3. What is the most appropriate way to collect the data?
Justify your choice.
4. How will you ensure high validity, reliability, and representativeness
of the data?
5. Design an appropriate sampling plan

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