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Mix B= 5 cups of fruitjuice ; 9 cups of soda

For this mix how much fruit juice and how much soda are needed to make punch for 240 people( each person gets half a cup of punch)

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    the formula is that you add 5+9= 14 divide 120/14 and I keep getting a decimal, and then you would multiply that number by 5 and 9, and when those 2 numbers add up it would equal 120.. I just cant seem to figure this out though

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    The formula is correct. You want a total of 120 cups to serve 240 people a half cup each. Divide 120 by 14 and you get 8.571 as the number of 14 oz "batches" you would need. Each of those batches contains 5 oz of fruit juice (for a total of 42.9 oz), and 9 oz of soda (for a total of 77.1 oz).

    Note that 77.1 + 42.9 adds up to 120 oz., as required.

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