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Posted by John on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 5:36am.

1. He narrowly escaped being drowned.

1-1. He narrowly escaped from being drowned.

1-2. He escaped from the thief.

1-3. He tried to escaped from the angry lion.

1-3. He could not escape from his father.

2. He dropped the ball-point pen from the table.

2-1. He dropped the ball-point pen off the table.
(Are both OK? Which one do we have to use, 'from' or 'off'?)

2-2. He dropped on the floor and rolled himself to extinguish fire on his clothes.

2-3. He dropped himself on the floor and crept toward the door.

2-4. You must not drop the bowl from the table while you eat a meal.

2-5. He dropped the spoon off the table by mistake.

3. He is riding an elephant.

3-1. He is riding on an elephant.
(Are both OK?)

3-2. Would you like to ride a roller coaster?

3-3. Riding a motorcycle is dangerous.

3-4. He enjoys riding a motorbike on the street.

3-5. He rode his bike on his way to school.

(Would you check all the sentences above? Are they all grammatical?)

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