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Posted by John on Monday, November 24, 2008 at 1:41am.

1. I am into sports.
(What is the meaning of this sentence?)

2. Exercise is good for the health.
2-1. Exercise is good for health.
2-2. Exercise is good for your health.
2-3. Exercise does good for people.
(Are all correct?)

3. Our athletic meet took place yesterday.

(is this correct? Do you have better expressions?)

4. Moderate exercise stimulates the blood circulation.

4-1. Moderate exercise stimulates blood circulation.

(Which one is right? Do we have to use 'the' or not?)

5. I like light exercise like jogging.
5-1. I like heavy exercise like weight-lifting.
(Are they both grammatical? Do we have to put 'a' before 'light exercise' or 'heavy exercise'?)

6. Exercise can cut down on stress.
(Is this right? What about "without 'on'?)
6-1. Exercise can cut down stress.
6-2. Exercise can reduce stress.
(Are both grammatical?)

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