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Right hand side of cell was titrated with Nh3 while monitoring cell voltage:
Ag(s)IAg^+ (aq, 0.1 M, 25.0 mL)II Ag^= (aq, 0.1 M, 75.0 mL)I Ag(s)
With 1.52 M ammonia titrant, the end point was observed at 9.8 mL. The measured cell voltage was near -0.15 V at the end point.
A) what are half reactions, net reaction and nernst equation for the cell
B) at end point if there is no Ag^= left, find correct stoichiometric coefficient (x) of the observed reactions of titration.
Ag^= (aq) + xNH3 (aq) --> (NH3)xAg^+ (s)
c) From observed voltage, find concentration of uncomplexed Ag^+ at the end points.

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