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Cultural Diversity

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Did African Americans immigrate or colonize in the US?
I need some help with this

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    I'll be glad to help you with this question -- but first -- please tell me what you know.

    How did most Africans first come to the U.S.?

    What is the difference between colonists and immigrants?

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    To be clearer --

    Why did Africans first come to the U.S.?

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    because of salvery

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    I know that the ancestors of the African Americans were transported to America from Africa as slaves.

    Colonist bring there culture and immgrants are different because they
    are not looking to expand their home culture.

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    Thank you. You are definitely on the right track. :-)

    The ancestors of most African-Americans were brought here as slaves. They did not choose to come but were forced to immigrate to work for white Americans.

    Colonists were people from Europe who colonized the New World. Because what is now the eastern U.S. were colonies governed by Great Britain, the people who lived there were colonists. They chose to come here for freedom, land, and economic opportunity. And yes, they wanted to expand their home cultures.

    Immigrants are people who go to live in another country for many reasons.

    Because African-Americans did not seek to colonize the Americas, they would be classified as immigrants -- albeit, unwilling immigrants.

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