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A snapshot graph of a travelling wave is shown. The wave is travelling to the right at 32.0 m/s.

a) What is the amplitude if the maximum displacement is 28.0 cm and the total distance travelled by the wave is 26.0 m?

b)What is the wavelength of the wave?

c)What is the frequency of the wave?

I got a), but I don't know how to figure out b) and c). What would you look for in the graph to calculate the wavelength and frequency? or if you don't have to use the graph, is there a formula that can be used?

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    The maximum displacement IS the amplitude.

    You will have to measure the distance between crests to get the wavelength. You have provided no numbers to tell what it is... unless that is what you called the "total distance travelled" . Waves just keep on going, so the "distance travelled" on a graph doesn't make nuch sense.

    The frequency is the wave speed divided by the wavelength.

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    the total distance refers to the distance shown in the snapshot. i had to divide the distance by the number of increments on the graph to determine how much each increment represented. i used this to find wavelength.

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