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This is my second year in college,I've gotten B's during my freshman year and now I basically failed one of my major required course. I don't know what to do. Honestly I went into this for the potential money and to please my parents. I know people who graduated with prestigious degrees and then went back to school for other areas such as art (which is something I want to do). I feel like I wasted too much time on this to quit and yet I have to. I am very unhappy and don't know what I should do. Please give me some advice.

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    There is no moral, ethical, or economic law that says a person needs to finish college in the four years immediately following high school.

    I suggest you drop out temporarily. You can use the credits you've earned later. But in the meantime, leave college and get a job. While you do that, you'll learn more about yourself and your interests.

    In the 50s and 60s when I was in college, it was very common for young men to spend two years in the military between high school and college. Those two years enabled them to grow up and become focused on a desired profession and college classes.

    Good luck!

    And please check back here for comments from others.

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    If you can do it, try to explain to your parents that you want to please them, but what you were doing was not your first love. It is very difficult to make money in art, but not impossible. While you are training, keep your eye on the job market so you will know what is available.

    Also, most colleges have tests that will help you decide what you really like, or more often, what you really do NOT like.

    There were 4 children in my family and the one who didn't go to college, ended up making more money than the rest of us! Whatever you do in life, you have to like it enough to put up with the days that are not perfect.


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    It is not the end of the world. Most students do not get a degree and pursue a career in the area of their parent's wishes. Indeed, most parents should not expect them to.

    Dropping out and getting a job may not be easy in today's economy, but may be an option. Consider changing majors. If you change to Art, some colleges will give you credit for time spent abroad, and that might be time well spent, if your parents are willing to pay the bills.

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    Thanks for the reply. I want to do exactly what all of you said but something is holding me back. I will give this a bit more thought and speak with some friends but the road seems clear now. Again, thanks.

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