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Homework Help: Chemistry - please help

Posted by Beth on Friday, November 21, 2008 at 12:27pm.

An anyhdrous metal chloride, X, contains 37.4% Cl. X is a reducing agent, 0.895 g requiring 23.60 cm^3 of 0.100M KIO3 for complete oxidation in 3- 9M HCl. X reacts with potassium chloride to form an adduct Y, containing 14.8% K. Identify X and Y, and comment briefly on their stereochemistry. Write equations for all reactions and state how you would determine the endpoint of the iodate titration.

I worked out X to be SnCl2 and found the reaction ratio with KIO3 to be 2:1, so the equation is 2snCl2 + KIO3 + 6H+ + 6Cl- --> KICl2 + 2SnCl4 + 3H2O

I then found Y to be KSnCl3

I don't know what stereochemistry means or what to write about X and Y, and I don't know about the endpoint. Is what I have done so far correct?

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