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Make a tree diagram for rolling die first followed by spinner.
Don't tell the answer, but can you tell me how to find the answer.

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    With 6 sides, the die can have six branches. For each of these, there will be branches for the spinner. The number of spinner branches will depend on the number of alternatives that can be obtained by spinning.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    the problem is too much math homework what should i do?

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    There are two ways to show these. One is using a decision diagram format, the other is an event tree format. Either works it is just how it is placed on the paper. I would use the event tree format, but I couldn't find a good link for you. The style is shown in the image on

    At the left is start.

    Above the first branch you have roll die, so with each of the legs is probability of the outcome. For example the top leg might be 'score 5', p=1/6, the bottom 'not a 5', p=5/6.

    Above the second branch is use spinner.
    With each of the legs is the outcome from the spinner. for example 'score 20', p=1/20 and bottom 'not 20', p=19/20.

    This should give you 4 outcomes on the right. For these examples these would be

    'Score 5' and 'score 20'
    'Score 5' and 'not 20'
    'Not a 5' and 'score 20'
    'Not a 5'and 'not 20'

    Multiplying the probabilities will give the probabilities of each of the 4 legs.
    Which should add up to 1.

    Hard to describe in text!! Hope you get the idea. I have assumed a 20 sided spinner.

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