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Homework Help: AP Chem

Posted by Anna on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 2:01pm.

When dealing with gasses, do you subtract the pressure of water vapor every time it is in the equation? I'm confused on when you subtract it. Such as this problem...

NH4NO2(s) -> 2H2O(g) + N2(g)

How many grams of ammonium nitrate must have reacted if 3.75 dm^3 of nitrogen gas was collected over water at 26 degrees C and 97.8 kPa?

I did subtract the water pressure and got 9.09 g NH4NO2

but in the previous problem i posted

When sodium hydrogen carbonate is heated, it decomposes to sodium carbonate, carbon dixoide, and water vapor. What volume in liters of carbon dioxide gas at 77 degrees C and 756 mmHg will be produced from 26.8 g of sodium hydrogen carbonate?

I didn't subtract it and got 4.62 L

Is there a certain wording that shows when you subtract it and when you dont?

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