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During the 1960s the United States had become a more open,more tolerant- in a word, freer country. Defend or refute that statement.

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    Geepers, I had my windshield busted with a brick by a protester, the first day I was back from Vietnam in 1966. Wasn't there a lot of violent protests? Weren't kids shot at Kent State? When was Ms Luzio killed in Selma Alabama? And when was Bloody Sunday?
    Have fun with this.

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    So if you missed my point: often what one sees as freedom to protest or freedom to engage in unrestrained sexual activities,as in the sixties, others are forced to bear the consequences. Thus, your professor's question deserves some thought.

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    I agree with Bob Pursley. The 1960s were definitely not more open, tolerant, and free -- they may have been the catalyst toward those things in later decades, but the 1960s were something else!

    Assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK
    Treatment of Vietnam war vets
    Civil Rights resisters (See the movie "Mississippi Burning" and research the background for that one)
    Selma (as Bob Pursley already mentioned.

    I'd refute that statement. You have plenty of info to base your refutation on.

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