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Precalculus with applications

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Together, two printers can print 7500 lines if the first printer prints for 2 minutes and the second prints for 1 minute. If the first printer prints for 1 minute and the second prints for 2 minutes, they can print 9000 lines together. Find the number of lines per minute that each printer prints.

Equation 1: 2*F+S=7500
Equation 2: F+2*S=9000

I am not sure how to solve. Please help. Thank you

  • Precalculus with applications -

    Again, this is algebra 2.

    printdone= rate*time

    1)7500=(rate1+Rate2)2+ rate2*1
    2)9000=rate1*1 + rate2*2

    You have two equations, two unknowns. Solve for rate2, rate1

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