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we are doing sloving system of linear equations by substituting
1)y=5x 2x+3y=34 i got (2,10)

2)x=4y 2x+3y=44 i got (16,4)

3)x=4y+5 x=3y-2 i got (-23,-7)

4)y=2x+3 y=4x-1 i got (2,7)

5)4c=3d+3 c=d-1 i got (6,7)

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    all correct.

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    4c=3d+3 c=d-1 i got (6,7)

    x=1/2y+3 2x-y=6 i got no solution

    8x+2y=13 4x+y=11 i got no solution

    2x-y=-4 -3x+y=-9 i got (13,30)

    3x-5y=11 x-3y=1 i got (7,2)

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    subtititoin what is number 4y-2x=6 and 8y=4x-12

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