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Cultral Diversity

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I need some help with some example where it would be legitimate in stereotyping and grouping?

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    I looked at those site. It's not helping me answer the question. My question is how can grouping and stereotyping can both be legimate in some instances.

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    When separating men and women dressing rooms at the gym, or at work, I would probably stereotype and group women vs men.

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    Also do you or anyone think stereotypes are based of fact but not true, or have no bearing on the truth whatsoever?

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    Stereotypes are often like white lies: a smidgen of truth, wrapped in a damn lie. Other times stereotypes are just plain damn lies.

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    It's a stereotype that "Asian" students do better in school than whites, blacks, etc. Now ... if someone were to study the reasons why and find a way to use those ideas to help other kids do well, it might help.

    However, lumping together all people whose ancestors have come from somewhere in the Orient is a bad idea. Not all are education-oriented; some are in gangs; etc.

    So you'd have to be careful how it's phrased, and you'd have to have facts to back up your statement -- SAT scores, university entrance rates, etc.

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    If I were planning to eat at an Italian or Thai restaurant, I'd expect to see many dishes representing that ethnicity. As a woman, I do not walk in certain neighborhoods at night because of their reported high crime rates.

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