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Physics - urgent, please help!

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I asked

"Show mathematically that to produce an image that is the same size as the object in a concave mirror, the object needs to be at twice the focal length from the mirror."

and bobpursley answered:

"1/o + 1/o=1/f
1/2f + 1/i=1/f

M=di/do= 2f/2f= 1

check my thinking."

could someone please explain, I'm not really following.

  • Physics - urgent, please help! -

    the mirror equation
    1/do+ 1/di= 1/f I assume you are familiar with that. I see I had a typo in the first line.

    multiply by do
    do/do+do/di= do/f
    1+ M=do/f
    but M (do/di=ho/hi= 1 given)
    1+1=do/f which means that do is twice f.

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