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Homework Help: physical science

Posted by Amy on Monday, November 17, 2008 at 6:17pm.

plse make sure these are correct

1.When an atom loses an electron is..
a. becomes a negative ion.
b. becomes a positive ion.
c. forms a covalent bond.
d. gains protons

is the answer D

2.Which of these is a property of an ionic compound?

a. low melting point
b. poor conductor of electricity
c. crystal shape
d. shared electrons

is the answer B

3. A bond in which a pair of electrons is shared between two atoms.

a. ionic
b. covalent
c. polyatomic
d. triple

is the answer A

4. Fluorine atoms cannot form a doubel or triple bond because fluorine...

a. is a nonmetal
b. strongly attracts electrons
c. has 7 valance electrons
d. is a gas at room tempiture

is the answer D

5. An ionic crystal splits along a face of
a. like charges
b. molecules
c. unlike charges
d. random ions

plse help me and thx

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