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physics help pleaseee

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In the figure below, S is a small loudspeaker driven by an audio oscillator with a frequency that is varied from 1000 Hz to 2000 Hz, and D is a cylindrical pipe with two open ends and a length of 55.0 cm. The speed of sound in the air-filled pipe is 344 m/s.
(In the figure s is a little speaker next to the pipe D)

(a) At how many frequencies does the sound from the loudspeaker set up resonance in the pipe?
? frequencies
(b) What is the lowest frequency at which resonance occurs?
? Hz
(c) What is the second lowest frequency at which resonance occurs?
? Hz

  • physics help pleaseee - ,

    Isn't the pipe length equal to 1/2 wavelenght?

    The lowest frequency will be n=1
    the second lowest will be n=2

  • physics help pleaseee - ,

    Ignore this post. My mind is tired.

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