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Algebra Word Problem

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Peanuts are selling for $2 per pound, and cashews are selling for $5 per pound. How much of each type of nut would be needed to create 20lb. of a mixture that would sell for $2.75 pre puund?
Use the variables, p and c, to setup a system of equations. Solve.

p=numver of pounds of peanuts
c=numver of pounds of cashews

Could someone HELP ME PLEASE I'm LOST!!!

  • Algebra Word Problem -

    One equation would obviousy be
    p + c = 20

    The other equation would be based upon the total cost. 20 lb at 2.75/per lb should cost $55.
    The same amount of money must equal the costs of the two ingredients, added together.
    2 p + 5 c = 55.

    Solve those two equations for the answer

    Since 2p + 2c = 40,
    3 c = 15
    c = 5
    p = 15

  • Algebra Word Problem -

    A poll was taken of 100 students at a commuter campus to find out how they got to campus. The results were as follows: 31 said they drove alone, 39 rode in carpool, 35 rode public transportation, 10 used both carpool and public transportation, 7 used both a carpool and sometimes their own cars, 9 used buses as well as their own cars, 5 used all three methods. how many used none of the above-mentioned means of transportation?

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