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Find the false statement(s) about the thermochemistry experiment in which nitric acid is reacted with sodium hydroxide, and the enthalpy of the reaction is measured using an ice calorimeter.

i. Regardless of which strong acid and strong base are used for the neutralization reaction, the reaction occurring is always H3O+ + OH- --> 2H2O
ii. The ice calorimeter is perfectly thermally insulated.
iii. Equal masses of ice and water have the same volume at 0 deg Celsius.
iv. Molar enthalpy of fusion is the enthalpy input required to melt one mole of the solid substance.
v. The reaction in the ice calorimeter was carried out at constant pressure.

a. ) i
b. ) ii, iv
c. ) ii, iii, v
d. ) ii, iii
e. ) iii, v

this question might be based on a lab that we did. the ice calorimeter wasn't insulated because the top was open and it was in a regular beaker. and im pretty sure we didn't do anything to alter the pressure (doesn't pressure only affect gases anyways?).

so my guess would be d)ii, iii

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    I think you are correct.

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