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Three part problem cant figure out the second and third parts

(part 1 of 3)
A cart loaded with bricks has a total mass
of 12.9 kg and is pulled at constant speed by
a rope. The rope is inclined at 20.6 ◦ above
the horizontal and the cart moves 25.8 m on
a horizontal floor. The coefficient of kinetic
friction between ground and cart is 0.2 .
The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 .
What is the normal force exerted on the
cart by the floor? Answer in units of N.

(part 2 of 3)
How much work is done on the cart by the
rope? Answer in units of kJ.

(part 3 of 3)
Note: The energy change due to friction is a
loss of energy.
What is the energy change Wf due to fric-
tion? Answer in units of kJ.

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    For part 3, the energy change due to friction work will equal the product if the friction force and the distance moved, 25.8 m.

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    Well the answer to part one was 117.5 and do you have any idea about how to do part 2

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