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Homework Help: AP Chem

Posted by Anna on Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 8:34pm.

Can someone please check these problems?

34. You fill a balloon with helium gas to a volume of 2.68 L at 23 degrees C and 789 mmHg. Now you release the balloon. What would be the volume of helium if its pressure changes to 632 mmHg but the temperature is unchanged?

3.35 L

38. If 456 dm^3 of krypton at 101 kPa and 21 degrees C is compressed into a 27.0-dm^3 tank at the same temperature, what is the pressure of krypton in the tank?

16.8 atm

42. An experiment called for 4.83 L of sulfur dioxide at 0 degrees C and 1.00 atm. What would be the volume of this gas at 25 degrees C and 1.00 atm?

5.27 L

46. Pantothenic acid is a B vitamin. Using the Dumas method, you find that a sample weighing 71.6 mg gives 3.84 mL of nitrogen gas at 23 degrees C and 785 mmHg. What is the volume of nitrogen at STP?

3.65 mL

102. A steel bottle containes 12.0 L of a gas at 11.0 atm and 20 degrees C. What is the volume of a gas at STP?

123. L

Thanks =]

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