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geography-please help!!

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Identify and explain two responsibilities that you think governments have with respect to population growth.

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    Governments can legitimately limit immigration.

    Governments also have a responsibility to see that its citizens receive good health care so that more people live longer.

    But -- do governments have the right to limit the number of children a family has?

    China's one-child per family policy was effective in curbing its population growth, but it was abhorrent to many people.

    What do you think?

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    I think on one hand, it was a good solution because it would help stop population growth, but on the other hand the people in china didn't like this new rule so im sot of in the middle.

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    Welcome to the real world! :-)

    Sometimes solutions to real problems create more problems. Often there are no "good" answers, but "better" and "worse" answers.

    In China's case, its one-child policy undoubtedly helped the majority of people prosper while it took away freedoms from would-be parents.

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    Governments that are not comfortable with the influence of outside cultures on their population encourage

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