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Homework Help: Honors class language arts 6th grade

Posted by Misty on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 7:32am.

1 Print the words MUSIC FOR HALLOWEEN.
2 Double the middle letter.
3 Change the consonant that comes earliest in the alphabet to a D.
4 Change the second L from the left to a Y.
5 Move 1 H to the left of the row.
6 Delete all the E's and I's.
7 Switch the 11th and 15th letters from the left.
8 Insert a B to the immediate left of the first O from the left.
9 Switch the M with the second H from the left.
10 Switch the last vowel from the left with the last consonant from the left.
11 Delete the first vowel from the left.
12 Move the middle letter to the left end of the row.
13 Move the fourth letter to the left end of the row.
14 Switch the second consonant from the left with the second consonant from the right.
15 Delete the 5th letter from the left.
16 Change the L to a T
Delete the second letter from the left.
17 Switch letters 3 through 5 from the left as a group, with letters 9-11 from the left, as a group.

This is the whole problem. Confusing, isn't it?

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