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Posted by phil on Sunday, November 9, 2008 at 5:54pm.

hi can someone please help me with these 5 questions.

1. One manifestation of the rising democratic tide in the 1830s was
a. a general raising of the political tone
b. use of national nominating conventions

I think it's a but i don't know why it can't be B

2. the foreign policy of president J. Q. Adams
a. was conspicuously successful
b. opened trade with the british west indies
c. was hampered by partisan politics

I think it is A

3. the bank of the united states
a. refused to engage in corruption
b. fostered wildcat western banks

I think it is B

4. As a diplomat President Jackson was most successful in
a. settling the Maine boundary
b. opening trade with the british west indies
c. purchasing florida

I think it is B

5.The major factor behind the anti foreign agitation of the 1850s was
a. the influx of roman catholics
b. the flood of south european types

I think it is A because didn't people burn roman catholic churce

thank you

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