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social studies

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Hi. Can somone please help me with these four questions.

1. President Van Buren is best remembered for
a. causing a panic
b. establishing the independent treasury system
c. ending the bank of the united states
d. annexing texas

I think the answer is B

2. By 1860 religion in America was characterized by
a. greater intolerance
b. greater religious intensity
c. increased restrictions on Catholics and Jews
d. a multiplicity of denominations

I think the answer is D

3. The following except 1 were reasons for the flood of immigrants in the 1840s
a. "american letters"
b. a desire to the retain the religion of their fathers
c. the collapse of the continental revolutions

I think the answer is B

4. the major factor behind the anti foreign agitation of the 1850s was
a. the threat to american temperance
b. the influx of roman catholics
c. the flood of south european types
d. the worsening of slum conditions

I think the answer is B

Thank you so much

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