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1) Sound propagating through air at 30 degree Celsius passes through a vertical cold front into air that is 40 degree Celsius. If the sound has a frequency of 2400 Hz, by what percentage does its wavelength change in crossing the boundary?

(2) What is the intensity of a sound that has intensity level of (a) 50 dB or (b) 90 dB?

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    (1) The sound speed increases in proportion to the square root of the absolute temperature change, sqrt (313/303) = 1.016. That is a 1.6% increase in sound speed and will result in a 1.6% increase in wavelength, since
    wavelength = (sound speed)/(frequency)

    2. Use the table at
    to find your answer

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    Thanks for your easy solution for prob1
    By the way is it not 1.016% ?
    I solved prob 2 using the formula
    Intensity level L = 10 log(I / I0) where I0 = 10^-12 watt/sq.m

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