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Homework Help: college chemistry-thermochemistry

Posted by maryanne on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 10:38pm.

i have one more question:
I know this one has to do with hess's law but i'm not sure of how to get the enthalpy of vaporization from this?

Clculate the enthalpy of vaporization of solid potassium bromide to a gas of ions, the process KBr--->K{+1}(g)+Br{-1}(g), from the following information and the enthalpy of formation of KBr(s), which is -394kJ/mol

Atomization of K: K(s)--->K(g) delta H given
Ionization of K: K(g)--> K{+1}(g)+ e(g) delta H given

VAporization of bromine: Br2(l)-->Br2(g) delta H given

Dissociation of bromine: Br2(g)-->2Br(g) delta H given

Electron attachment of bromine: Br(g)+e--->Br{-1}(g) delta H given

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