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Posted by Sammi on Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 7:32pm.

Here is my Science presentation, I'm having trouble with the last two sentences. What would you put as the last two sentences?

Computer Technology

My presentation is about how computers have changed from the past to the present. Then what I think is going to replace the computer in the future. People first got information by reading books about the subject. Later, the computer was invented because people needed to get information faster. In the future I think computers are going to be able to control everything in the house, such as lights, doors, fireplaces, and microwaves.
People first got information by reading books. The Abacus, and the Pascaline were invented for counting numbers. Christopher Sholes invented the typewriter so that people could type. A computer replaces all these things. Without them the computer wouldn't have been invented.
The computers today contain information like books. It has a built in calculater like the Abacus and Pascaline. People can type on computers using the same letter order as typewriters. Computers are also used for printing, communicating, buying/selling and finding locations. In the future I think we are going to have a replacement for the computer.
In the future, I think we are going to have computers that can control everything in the house. Imagine turning off all the lights in the house by just pushing a button. Or maybe even cooking dinner? Computers might even be like robots. There has been alot of change during these years, and I think theres going to be even more change in the future.
In conclusion, people started out with books, and quills. Today, we have laptops, cell phones, and i-pods. In about 2,000 years from now I think we will have robots, or computers that can do more things.

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