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I am having a hard time with these problems and could you show me how to work them so next time i will know how.

find the first and third quartiles of Q and Q of the set of numbers 11,12,16,14,14,14,8,12,10,18

find any outliers ( if any) in the set of numbers 2,8,5,6,9,7,4,4,5,4,3

represent the quantity with a real number: an altitude of 400 feet(ft) above sea level.

represent the quantity with a real number: a decrease in population of 25,000

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    put the numbers in order.

    The mean is 13. There is no universally accepted method of getting quartiles with an odd number of data, despite what your text or instructor says. IT is common to round up.
    So, bottom quartile ends at 11, third quartile 14 ends.

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