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HR but about Special Education Teachers

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Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position you selected for your final project: (final project Special Ed Teacher)

1. Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize training needs from these sources?

a. A supervisor requests training on the specialized technology required by five of
his employees.
b. The customer service manager reports a sudden increase in calls about poor
handling of repeat complaint calls.
c. The CEO requests team efficiency training to address the declining numbers of
employees attending quarterly pep rallies.

2. Delivery: Identify the best method to conduct this training. Is a certification exam required? Will the training be instructor-led, self-paced, or a combination? Explain your answer.
Focusing on delivery considerations, would you use the same methods and
requirements for the position directly above this job and the position directly
subordinate to the job? Explain your answer.

3. Evaluation: How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the training in terms of
organizational objectives and limitations?

I have been researching this and I am stuck. Most training is done befor they get to the schools if I understand it correctly. Can any one point me to a website that might be able to help or some personal experience?

  • HR but about Special Education Teachers -

    All teachers need to take continuing education courses to upgrade their skills and learn about new laws and ideas. Teachers, as well as other professionals, learn more in their first two years on the job than they did in four or five years of college. Sometimes this continuing education is done through one- or two-day conferences and sometimes through regular college classes.

    Check these sites for more information.

  • HR but about Special Education Teachers -

    Thank you I wonder if I choose a good career for this final project.

  • HR but about Special Education Teachers -

    If you're interested in special education, you've chosen an excellent career. However, since non-profit organizations hire teachers, you may want to check with your instructor to make sure you can apply the principles you're learning to education.

    You might consider this assignment from the viewpoint of a director of special education for a large city or county.

  • HR but about Special Education Teachers -

    From experience I can give you this insight. I trained as a special ed teacher, but found that I was not really suited to being one. I guess the three traits that are essential are Patience, Patience, Patience then imagination and a sense of humor. I could do the later two...but the patience just wasn't there. My son is a special ed teacher and he is excellent. He is eternally patient and can find ways to motivate besides "go get um". Regarding learning how to be a special ed teacher.... the most effective classes are the practicums..when you actually go into the classrooms and work with the kids. You will learn MORE in those than you will ever learn looking at a book. Teaching is hands on, and the more practice you have the better you become. It only makes sense....every child is an new adventure, and the more experience you have with meeting the needs of a new adventure, the better you become. The very best wishes in YOUR new adventure.

  • HR but about Special Education Teachers -

    Lastly: My observations of special ed teachers is that they deal with difficult to teach kids, under a hostile legal and parental environment. It is a very stressing job, and few appreciate that. The stress moves a lot of highly qualified teachers out. Many leave the field.

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