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English game

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Find a Person Who Game

(1) Directions : Hello, class. Today we are going to play the Find a Person Who Game. I have prepared a sheet of paper for you each. Write the numbers 1 through 16 in the squares above. You can put them in any order you would like. Ask your classmates the following questions. When you find a person that fits the situation, write his or her name in the square. The first person who gets four names in a row wins the game. If you have four names in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally, you are the winner of the game. You have to shout "Bingo!"

(2) Sentences and related questions

1. Find a person who has the same hobby.
What's your hobby, Giho? What are your hobbies?
What do you do in your free time(spare time)?

2. Find a person who can play a musical instrument.
Can you play a musical instrument?
Can you play the guitar (piano, cello, violin, etc)?

3. Find a person who can sing the song Oh, Susanna.
Giho, do you like singing? I often go to a singing room with my family.
What's your favorite song? Can you sing Oh, Susanna?

4. Find a person who likes American food.
Which food do you like better, Korean Food or American food?
I like hamburgers. Do you like hamburgers? Do you like American food?
Which American food do you like best?

5. Find a person who is an only child.
A: How many are there in your family?
B: There are three in my family.
A: Then, are you an only child?
B: Yes.
A: Great!

6. Find a person who has broken his or her leg.
Have you ever broken your leg? Do you have any scars on your body?
Did you fight with one of your friends? So, he hurt you, didn't he?

7. Find a person who keeps a dog.
Do you keep a dog? What is your favorite pet?

8. Find a person who spent over one month in the USA.
Have you ever spent over one month in the USA?
Have you ever been to the states? How long did you stay there?

9. Find a person who likes the same sport.
Do you like sports, Mike? I like sports. Especially, I like baseball.
What about you? Do you like baseball? (No, I don't. I like rugby.) Really?

10. Find a person who has two brothers.
How many brothers do you have? Do you have two brothers?
How many brothers and sisters do you have?

11. Find a person who likes snakes.
Do you like snakes? What animals do you like?

12. Find a person who know an English proverbs.
Do you know an English proverbs?
Can you let me know an English proverb you know?

13. Find a person who was born the same year as you were.
I was born in 1988. What about you? When were you born?
(I was born in 1988, too.) Were you? We are of an age!

14. Find a person who was born in the same month as your were.
When is your birthday? What month were you born in?
Were you born in November? I was born in December.
I'll go to another friend. Have a good time!

15. Find a person who like flying in airplanes.
Have you ever been abroad? How did you go to the country?
Did you fly an airplane?

(3) Good points
Students can use a variety of questions related to the the directions above.
They can become active in class, so they can practice speaking efficiently.

Would you check how to do the game above? Are they all grammatical? Would you add some more useful questions or directions? Is the title of the game suitable? Thank you for your help.

  • English game -

    Good morning! This is so long that I'm going to print it out so I don't have to scroll up and down. I'll be back as soon as I have had a chance to read it carefully.


  • English game -

    You might set the title off with quotation marks: Find "A Person Who" Game.

    In the Directions: instead of "for you each" = for each of you. Everything else looks good.

    The sentences and related questions only have a few errors.

    9. I would move "Especially" = I like baseball especially.

    12. a person who knows an English proverb. (person is singular so the verb is knows and "an" makes proverb singular) Do you know an English proverb?

    13. Wwe are of the same age (rather than "of an age!")

    14. as you were = in the first line, rather than "your" were.

    15. a person who likes....Did you fly an airplane = would make you the pilot! You probably want "Did you fly in an airplane?"

    The title is good for this game. As for other questions, try to use the latest vocabulary you have been working with.

    Find a person who studies......(any subject)

    Find a person who likes to draw, knows Origami (easy for Koreans!), has blonde hair or blue eyes, etc.


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