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find tge mean, meadian, mode, and range for the set of numbers {76, 37, 56, 53, 46, 37, 63, 67, 36, 46, 55, 66}.
a) mean=
b) median=
c) mode=
d) range=

is a) 53.17 b) 54 c) 37 and 46 d) 40
if they are wrong can you tell me why?

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    They are all correct.
    A is correct because the mean is the sum of all the numbers (638) divided by the quantity of numbers (12)
    B is correct because if you arrange the numbers in order from lowest value to greatest value, the 2 middle numbers are 53 and 55, and 54 is the # between those two
    C is correct because mode is the numbers that occur the most often. 37 and 46 both occur twice
    D is correct because the range is the greatest number (76) minus the smallest number (36)

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