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Homework Help: social studies

Posted by bill on Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 5:12pm.

Hi i need help with the following 4 questions please

1. Jacksonian democrats favored the following except one
a. rotation in office
b. manhood suffrage
c. the caucus system of nomination
d. rewarding the politically faithful

2. The foreign policy of John Q Adams
a. was conspicusously successful
b. opened trade with the british west indies
c. was hampered by partisan politics
d. scored a success at the panama congress

3. the south carolina crisis of 1832-1833 resulted in
a. a clear victory for the federal government
b. a repentant spirit in south carolina
c. a partial victory for south carolina
d. unanimous support in south carolina for nullification

4. one manifestation of the rising democratic tide in the 1830's was
a. longer tenure in public office
b. a gneral raising of the political tone
c. nominations by party caucus
d. use of national nominating conventions

I think 1 is b. I think 2 us C. I think 3 is B. I think 4 is B

Thank you for your help

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