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what are articles and how are they used in the english language.
2)form 3 simple,compound and complex sentences

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    The articles in English are the following:

    * a (used in front of a word that begins with a consonant)
    * an (used in front of a word that begins with a vowel)
    * the

    Here are some good exercises to learn how to use these:


    Simple sentences have one independent clause. "Jack hit a homerun."

    Compound sentences have two independent clauses and are usually joined by a coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS). "Jack hit a homerun, and he was the game's hero."

    Complex sentences have one independent and at least one dependent clause in them. "When he least expected it, Jack hit a homerun."

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    An article is a word that combines with a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by the noun. The three most common are, in no specific order: the, an & a.

    When you say 3 simple,compound and complex sentences, do you mean 1 or 3 of each?

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    P.S. I like to say:
    The DEFINITE article is the. The book. The chair. The girls.

    The INDEFINITE article is a, an. a book, a chair, an apple, etc.


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