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Algebra 1

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10)The formula b=30a is used in New England to estimate the minimum furnace output, b, in BTU's for a modern house with a square feet of flooring.
A) determine the minimum furnace output for a 2100 ft squared modern house.
B) solve formula for a
Answer:a) 630,000
b) unsure how to calculate

24)Translate the phrase into an algebraic expression.

Justin had $36 dollars before spending d dollars on jeans. How much money remains?
The translation is $_____
Answer: how can that even be calculated? There is not enough info

Answer: 30.1

32xy over 56x
Answer:? no clue

  • Algebra 1 -

    It appears to be b=30xa where a is 2100 ft^2 so I get 63000 BTUs (no apostrophe)

    B) a=b/30

    24) dollars left = 36-d

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