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Posted by John on Wednesday, November 5, 2008 at 5:23am.

1. They are balls on the desk.
1-2. The balls on the desk are some.

(Are they grammatical? Would you change them into correct ones?)

2. Is given name first mame or middle name?

3. I live with my parents in the country.
3-1. I live in the country with my parents.

(Are both correct?)

4. Kate drank a coke.
4-1. Kate drank a Coke.
4-2. Kate drank a cola.
4-3. Kate drank a Cold.
(Which one is grammatical?)

5. Don bought a cup of ice cream.
5-1. Don bought an ice cream.
5-2. Don bought ice cream.
(Are they all correct?)

6. At a snack bar, can you buy wine or liquor? What food can you buy at a snack bar? Is 'snack bar' 'dining room'?

7. I bought my friend an ice cream cone.
(Is this sentence correct?)

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