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1.Susan made small and cute teddy bears. (In this sentence, what is the meaning of 'teddy'?)

2. I like both Tom and Don.
2-1. I like Tom and Don.
2-2. I want to marry Tom or Don.
2-3. I like neither Tom nor Don.
2-4. I don't like Tom, and I don't like Don, either.
( Are all grammatical? What is the difference between #2 and #2-1? Does 2-3 mean 2-4? Are both the same?)

3. He got married to Jane in 1992.
3-2. He was married to Jane in 1992.
(Are both the same?)

4. He was a great artist and scientist.
4-2. He was a great artist and a scientist.
4-3. They were a great artist and a scientist.
4-4. They were a great artist and scientist.
(Are they all grammatical?)

5. Slow and steady wins the race.
(What is the part of speech of 'slow' and'steady'?)

6. I didn't go to the movies after I bought the DVD player.
(What is the full form of 'DVD'? Digital video disc or digital versatile disc? )

7. You need to do some warm-up exercises.
7-1. You need to do some warm-up exercise.
(Can we use both expressions?:the singular form and the plural form.)

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    1. You should remove the word "and" and insert a comma after "small" -- teddy bears were named after Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt:

    2. All are grammatical. 2 and 2-1 mean the same. 2-3 and 2-4 mean basically the same, too.

    3. Yes, they both mean the same. The word "got" is rather slangy; "was married" is better. Another way to say this is this: "He married Jane in 1992."

    4. They are all grammatical, but I don't think 4-4 makes sense. More than one person cannot be two-in-one; the phrase works in 4 but not 4-4.

    5. Yes, it's grammatical. In this sentence, the phrase "Slow and steady" seems to be a saying that, altogether, is serving as the subject.

    6. The sentence is good. DVD = digital video disk, yes.

    7. Both are OK, but the first one is used most.


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