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Posted by ben on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 7:50pm.

hows my outline look?


1)Post secondary education is unaffordable
A)Poor students canít afford tuition
(Stat) tuition has increased by Fifty-percent
B) The Government has implemented grants, scholarships and student loans to help.

Thesis: Iím going to write about education and prove free-tuition is need for poor and marginal students.

2)Many people believe it may burden the government
A) For instance funds have to be diverted
B) Also, tax would increase for extra expenditures.

1)It also provides long-term economic advantages by creating a skilled workforce.
A)University grads can compete in the global economy
(Example) everyone needs a degree to compete in the global economy
B) They also pay more taxes over their lifetime
B) They drain fewer resources by working.
(Example) Graduates are unemployed less

B)Also the Government will not incur the cost of defaulted student loans.
a. High debt loads are not being paid
(Stat) 800 million overdue on defaulted loans
b.Relief programs are faulty
(Fact) Debt management programs require loans to be in good standing (not in default) to qualify for hardship programs-
c. Collection agencies are counterintuitive

5) Free tuition allows marginalized students to contribute without the need for student loans.

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