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Balance this chemical equation please!

___ CuSO4 + ___ Mg -> Cu + MgSO4

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    Please tell me what you don't understand about this equation. It is balanced. I see 1 Cu on both sides, I see 1 Mg on both sides, I see 1 S on both sides and I see 4 O atoms on each side. Isn't that balanced?

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    Yes, I thought it was balanced but the question asked used to balance them.

    Isnt this equation already balanced as well?

    AgNO3 + NaCl -> AgCl + NaNO3

    1 Ag on each side, 1 NO3 on each side, 1 Cl on each side and Na on each side. Our teacher asked used to balance these equations but they already are balanced. Sorry Dr. Bob

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    I think the teacher may want you to insert a 1 for the coefficient for the CuSO4 and Mg equation to show that it is balanced. In practice you don't need a 1 there but where you are filling in the blanks a 1 is almost necessary for you to communicate with the grader that you know a 1 belongs there. Often, if you leave it blank, the grader will think you didn't know how to balance it (just as I thought when I wrote the first response).
    Yes, the AgNO3 + NaCl equation is balanced, also. If it has blanks I would insert the number 1 in them.

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    Thanks :)

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