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Posted by John on Monday, November 3, 2008 at 4:32am.

1. Drivers sometimes can't see you.
1-2. Drivers can't sometimes see you.
1-3. Sometimes drivers can't see you.
1-4. Drivers can't see you sometimes.
(Are all grammatical?)

2.You can get a shock.
(What is the meaning of 'get' here?)

3. Mrs. Johnson gave her class a group project about safety.

3-1. Mrs. Johnson gave a group project about safety to her class.
(Are both the same?)

4. Let's look at the reports below.
(What is the part of speech of 'below'?)

4-1. Let's look at the reports which are below. (Is this the full form of #4?)

5. You are a biker.
5-1. You are a bike driver.
5-2. You are a bike rider.
5-3. You are a motor bike driver.
5-4. You are a motor bike rider.

(Which ones are correct?)

6. He is riding an elephant.
6-2. He is rding on an elephant.
6-3. He is riding a car.
6-4. He is riding in a car.
6-5. He is riding on a car.
(Which expressions are correct?)

7. Don't hide under a bed or in a closet.

7-2. Don't hide under a bed and in a closet.

(Do I have to use 'and' or 'or'? Are both the same in meaning?)

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