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a soft ware buyer looking for a product to retail for $230.00 he wants to apply a mark up of 38% based on selling price allowing for this what is the maximum amount the buyer can pay for the software

would it be $87.40

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    $142.60. You didn't read the question carefully is all it looks like. You figured out how much the markup would be rather than the price he paid for it. Subtract 230-87.40 and you get $142.60

    So he will buy it for $142.60, mark it up 87.40, and sell it for $230.


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    This dose not look right....
    The buyer is looking to purchase software for $166.66 to sale at a 38% markup price of $230. (or as close as you can get to it) This is a messed up question.

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    38/1oo*230=87.40. 230.00-87.40=142.60.the answer is 142.60

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