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Posted by mysterychicken on Sunday, November 2, 2008 at 3:46pm.

Can you please revise my sonnet for me?
When I go out into nature, what do I see?
There are plenty of things on a warm summer day
It might be a bird, it might be a bee
Or it might be a child engaged in play.
I can feel the grass on my feet, green and hard
And the sun's warm rays shining down
What a beautiful feeling is in my yard
And I lay wearing a flower crown
I open my eyes to hear a rumbling noise
There are thunder clouds, dark and gray
When The sun comes out I shall rejoice
For these clouds have ruined a good afternoon in May
Nature is surely a treat for the eyes
But bad weather can catch you by surprise
(3 quatrains, one couplet at end)
thanks -Mysterychicken

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